Quality Systems

At Infopower quality is in our DNA, each member of our team is made to understand the necessity of quality in everything we do and not only on the shop floor. Right from the contract review stage to ensuring the material reaches the client safe and sound we apply rigorous quality control measures.

During our bi-weekly quality control meetings the management, quality assurance, engineering and production personnel discuss all quality related parameters specific to the product, supplier quality issues, in-process quality concerns, customer quality incidents, 8D reports and managements set quality KPI’s. These are all displayed at the quality corner on the shop floor to ensure greater transparency in our systems and problem solving at the operator and shop floor level. Application of SPC methodology and data collection forms the basis of the quality control discussions that enhance our quality performance and customer satisfaction.

Our process control engineers are trained Certified IPC Specialists and we follow IPC-A-610G (PCBA), IPC-A-600J (PCB) and UL standards in our manufacturing processes. The workforce is constantly trained at our in-house training center on generic parameters such as ESD controls, HSD handling, 5S, productivity enhancement and waste reduction techniques as well as specific customer requirements.

Our engineering teams collect all customer data, analyze the specific requirements during product DFM meetings and prepare a Manufacturing Process Control Plan (MPCP) for each product manufactured at our plant, which becomes the basic build guide for the product at the shop floor.

Customer drawings and files are the most sacred documents and right from the engineering section these are followed as they form the basis for product assembly, incoming inspection, process control, final inspection, testing and packaging requirements with which we are able to provide 100% quality assurance to our customers with full confidence.

High Resolution Digital Inspection Machine

3D Solder Paste Inspection Machine

Digital V-Cut Depth Measurement Machine

High Resolution Digital Inspection Machine

PCB - Quality control & assurance equipment installed includes the following :

1. Vacuum Packing Machine
2. Shrink Packing Machine
3. Digital Micrometer
4. Digital Vernier
5. Filler Gauges
6. Pin Gauge Set
7. Warpage Table (Granite)
8. Online PTH Thickness Tester
9. Digital Thermometer
10. Digital V-Cut Depth Measuring Machine
11. Digital Magnifier 100X
12. AOI Machine
13. Micro Section Machine
14. Digital Microscope

EMS - Quality control & assurance equipment installed includes the following :

1. Automatic Optical Inspection
2. 3D Solder paste Inspection
3. High Resolution Digital Video Inspection System
4. Digital Weighing Balance
5. Digital Vernier & Micrometer
6. Filler Gauge
7. UV light bar for UV based conformal coating inspection
8. Wrist Strap & Foot Wear Tester
9. Thermal Profilers
10. Wrist Strap & Foot Wear Tester
11. Digital Tempearture Controller
12. Digital Surface Resistivity Meter
13. Digital Tempearture Controller
14. LCR Meters