Facility & Capability

Our production plants are equipped with state of the art as well as customized manufacturing equipment suited for manufacturing products to customer requirements with the highest productivity and minimal fall out rates.

We are engaged in manufacturing prototypes through a dedicated NPI process thereafter being handed over to the mass production teams. We service our customers’ high mix/low volume requirements as well as medium to high volume production batches.

Our highly flexible set up; dedicated work force and customer focused manufacturing teams make us a preferred destination, customers are most comfortable placing their manufacturing requirements with us since we work as their extended factories with the most transparent systems with the help of our ERP system SAP B1.   

Through our state of the art production equipment we can assemble extremely dense and miniature packages for a range of high mix and mixed technology PCBA’s. We currently build assemblies with 01005 chip packages, BGA’s, uBGA’s, Double Side SMT with glue dispensing and can handle various IC packages such as QFP, QFN, DFN, TSSOP, MSOP, TQFP, Package on Package, PBGA’s, etc. Besides electronic assemblies we provide complete box build solutions and system assemblies with all types of wire harnesses, sheet metal parts, plastic injection moulded and precision parts.

Our PCB plants are equipped with fully automated and semi-automated equipment to produce the most complex PCB requirements. We manufacture S/S, Metal Core, D/S, 4L, 6L, 8L and 10L PCB’s with all types of board finishes such as Immersion Gold, Tab Gold/Gold Fingers, Lead Free HASL, Tin Lead HASL and OSP. Being an extremely flexible production house suiting our customers’ requirements we use all types of Solder Mask colors such as Blue, Red, Black, White and standard Green Mask.


CNC Drilling Machine

C-SUN Exposure Machine

SES Etching Line

AOI Machine

Conveyorised LF-HASL Machine

Automatic V-Grooving Machine

PCB - Installed Manufacturing Equipments

1. Laser Photo Plotter
2. Power Shearing
3. Power Punching Press
4. Target Hole Drilling Machine
5. Multilayer Press 6 Daylight
6. Pinning/De-Pinning Machine
7. 32 Spindles CNC Drilling
8. Electroless Copper Plating (PTH Line)

9. C-Sun Automatic Circuit Exposure
10. Pattern Plating Line
11. SES Line
12. High Speed De-Burring Machine
13. Semi-Automatic Solder Mask Printer
14. OLEC PISM Exposure
15. Electroplating Hard Gold
16. Electroless Gold Plating (ENIG)

17. Horizontal HASL Machine
18. Semi-Automatic Legend Printer
19. UV Curing
20. CNC Jump V-Scoring Machine
21. 16 Spindles CNC Routing
22. OSP Line
23. Edge Chamfering Machine
24. Vaccum Sealing Machine


High Speed SMT Line-1

High Speed SMT Line-2

M I Line-1

M I Line-2

Lead Free Wave Soldering Machine

Product Assembly

EMS - Installed Manufacturing Equipments

1. Stencil Storage Racks
2. Feeder Storage Racks
3. Board Storage Trolleys
4. Solder Paste Mixer
5. Fully automated, high speed SMT Line I
6. Fully automated, high speed SMT Line II
7. Manual Insertion Lines
8. Temperature Controlled Soldering Irons

9. Wave Soldering Machine
10. Semi Automatic Conformal Coating
11. V-Cut De-panelizing Machine
12. Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines
13. Endurance Testing Ovens
14. DRY Cabinets
15. Vibration Table
16. MRP Labeling Machine

17. Conformal Coating UV Inspection Booth
18. In-Circuit Testers
19. Automatic Strapping Machine
20. Automatic Shrink wrapping Machine
21. Vacuum Sealing Machine
22. Laser Marking Machine
23. High Frequency Sealing Machine
24. Pad Printing Machine